How to travel to and within Paris

Read this page to know how to reach Paris

How to reach Paris

Paris has several connections with the rest of Europe: you can reach the French capital by train, aeroplane, and bus. Here, you will find a list of connections to make your journey to the 20th EMN Annual Conference convenient and sustainable.

Train travel

We highly recommend travelling by train — when available — to reduce participants’ carbon footprint. Here is a list of connections. 

  • Belgium: Brussel-Zuid/Midi – Paris Gare du Nord Nord (TGV)
  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam Central Station – Paris Gare du Nord (TGV)
  • Italy: Milano Centrale – Paris Gare de Lyon (Frecciarossa)
  • Germany: Frankfurt am Main – Gare de l’Est
  • Luxemburg: Luxembourg – Gare de l’Est
  • Switzerland: Zürich Hauptbahnhof – Paris Gare de Lyon

Travel by plane

If you plan to reach Paris by plane, the website of the three Paris airports offers information about incoming and outgoing planes. Here, you can check each airport’s page to get the latest updates.

Travel by bus

If you prefer travelling by bus, here is a list of connections. 

  • Belgium: Brussel-Zuid/Midi – Paris, Roissypôle Bus Station
  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam Central Station – Paris, Roissypôle Bus Station
  • Luxemburg: Luxembourg – Paris, Quai de Bercy (Bercy Seine)

For more information about bus connections, please check

Local transportation

With an area of 105.4 square kilometres, Paris is one of the largest cities in Europe, but its pervasive public transportation network helps navigate the city easily. Here you can find information about ticketing in Paris. 

Reach Paris from one of its airports

Click here for information about public transportation from the Paris airports.

Tickets to travel in Paris and to Boulogne-Billancourt (Metal 57)

The event venue (Metal 57) is in ZONE 2 (Paris Boulogne-Billancourt)
The Social Event venue (Bateau Gustave) is in ZONE 1 (City centre – Trocadero)