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About MicroBank

MicroBank, CaixaBank’s social bank, provides a response to different segments of the population whose financial needs are not sufficiently satisfied.  MicroBank’s objectives include financial inclusion, facilitating access to credit for the most vulnerable groups, as well as promoting productive activity and job creation, strengthening its commitment to the socio-economic development of the territory.

As MicroBank’s sole shareholder, CaixaBank has supported its social bank since its creation, providing it with the financing it needs to grow its lending activity and marketing its products through CaixaBank’s extensive commercial network to offer customers the full range of options with the highest possible quality of service and proximity.

In the granting of microcredits, more than 290 entities throughout Spain actively collaborate, providing knowledge of the people receiving the loans, as well as advising and monitoring the projects.

MicroBank also has the support of the main European institutions dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and microfinance. These are the European Investment Fund (EIF), the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and the European Investment Bank (EIB)

More about asCar

Asociation CAR West Region plays an important role at the regional level, in the western part of Romania. Provides organizational, managerial, financial, and technical support to all affiliated entities. Currently these include 26 Credit Unions, totalizing a number of over 170.000 members (clients). Within the last 30 years of ongoing activity, Asociation CAR West Region focused on developing its social components by contributing directly to the education of its members in the spirit of savings and strong financial management.